Announcing: Sensibull For All

Hello, We are soon launching for users who do not have a brokerage account with Zerodha. If you would like an early access, please register here: What are the features of Sensibull For All? Options Trading Strategy Builder, Call Option And Put Option Analyser, Nifty Option Chain, Bank Nifty Option Chain, Option Chain for … Continue reading Announcing: Sensibull For All

Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

In this, we examine how to articulate a view correctly, and how to choose the right Option Strategy for any given view. We also get inside the mind of an Options Trader and examine what he thinks when he picks a strategy — max loss, max profit, breakeven, reward risk, the probability of profit, etc This Webinar … Continue reading Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

Options Central — The One-Stop Options Screener We just released Options Central — The all new options screener! Options Central shows the following for Nifty, Bank Nifty and other single stock options traded in NSE in India: Live Option Prices ATM Implied Volatility (IV) &IV Percentile Change in volume, change in futures Open Interest, Put Call Ratio Long build up, short build up, … Continue reading Options Central — The One-Stop Options Screener

FNO Stocks Results Calendar

Stocks Results Calendar by Sensibull Here is the first open-to-all no-login required feature we built. Please let us know if you have any feedback, feature requests, or suggestions for improvement. In this you can see the results dates of FNO Stocks listed on NSE and BSE. You can also see the global and Indian macro … Continue reading FNO Stocks Results Calendar

The best Option Trading Tutorials

Hello, a lot of our users asked us for the best resources on Option Trading. Here are our top picks Khan Academy Option Trading Tutorials And this Trade Options like a Pro By Sensibull in Hindi and English English Playlist Hindi Playlist Options Playbook Varsity by Zerodha Option Alpha And if you are truly Gangsta, go … Continue reading The best Option Trading Tutorials

Understanding STT in Detail

Let’s jump right to the point. Everyone hates taxes. Except these guys who are clearly high on something. Securities Transaction Tax (STT) in India is charged as follows When you are the seller of an option — 0.05% of the Premium When you are the buyer of an option, it goes in the money, and is exercised- … Continue reading Understanding STT in Detail

Be a Better Trader. Part 6. Stop Loss — Best Practices

Traders in Sao Paolo Stock Exchange This is the continuation of the series “How to be a better trader?”. Click here to start from Part 1 This is probably the most important post in this series. Stop Loss is the single most important aspect of trading. The number one reason why people make big losses is … Continue reading Be a Better Trader. Part 6. Stop Loss — Best Practices