The Dos and Don’ts of great trading

Trading Trading is not gambling. Trading is years of hard work, learning, and discipline. If you are looking for a place to make money easily, look elsewhere. Trading is purely a game of psychology and discipline. Numbers data etc are secondary Never trade with a profit target in mind. Trade because the trade is the … Continue reading The Dos and Don’ts of great trading

Improve your trading decisions

Number 0: Master your mind. Cultivate discipline. And conscientiousness Conscientiousness is the ability to follow a plan. So basically, you need to cultivate the mental mettle to stick to the plan. You also need to be immensely patient and immensely disciplined. Number 1: Always have a written trading plan. If you are taking a trade, … Continue reading Improve your trading decisions

Trade NIFTY Weekly Options

Nifty Versus Bank Nifty Nifty Weekly options are now live on Sensibull. You can now access the NSE Nifty Weekly Option Chain, construct trading strategies of weekly Nifty Options, watch your positions, and much more! If you need a kick starter video on it, here you are: Kick the tires, and light the fires. Shall we?

Announcing: Sensibull For All

Hello, We are soon launching for users who do not have a brokerage account with Zerodha. If you would like an early access, please register here: What are the features of Sensibull For All? Options Trading Strategy Builder, Call Option And Put Option Analyser, Nifty Option Chain, Bank Nifty Option Chain, Option Chain for … Continue reading Announcing: Sensibull For All

Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

In this, we examine how to articulate a view correctly, and how to choose the right Option Strategy for any given view. We also get inside the mind of an Options Trader and examine what he thinks when he picks a strategy — max loss, max profit, breakeven, reward risk, the probability of profit, etc This Webinar … Continue reading Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

New Webinar: For those who like to collect some theta over the weekend, here is @balajeerc showing you how to do Theta decay trades on Bank Nifty with Sensibull If you would want to know what is this weekend effect thing anyway, read our previous post below This is a webinar on Options Trading Basics. … Continue reading New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

Option Chain Tutorial

Here is the demo Video of Sensibull Option Chain plus a tutorial on how to use Options Chain, OI, Max Pain, PCR, and IV Percentile. The Sensibull Option Chain shows the following in an easy to read format Open Interest Build up across strikes in call and put options on Nifty Option Chain, Bank Nifty … Continue reading Option Chain Tutorial