Live Trading — Selling Options like a Casino

In this video, we will approach Options Trading like a card counter approaches a BlackJack Table in a casino. This lesson is on: Having Multiple reasons to enter a trade Which instrument to pick for your trade Having multiple ways to win a trade

New Feature: MyStrategies We just launched My Strategies With this, you can group your strategies together, name them, add multiple legs to the group, keep track of pair trades, do the scenario analysis of your trades, add more legs to your trades to do adjustments (phew) and much more! Check it out!

New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

New Webinar: For those who like to collect some theta over the weekend, here is @balajeerc showing you how to do Theta decay trades on Bank Nifty with Sensibull If you would want to know what is this weekend effect thing anyway, read our previous post below This is a webinar on Options Trading Basics. … Continue reading New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

Option Chain Tutorial

Here is the demo Video of Sensibull Option Chain plus a tutorial on how to use Options Chain, OI, Max Pain, PCR, and IV Percentile. The Sensibull Option Chain shows the following in an easy to read format Open Interest Build up across strikes in call and put options on Nifty Option Chain, Bank Nifty … Continue reading Option Chain Tutorial

The New and Improved Options Chain We launched a new and improved option chain last week! It is very visual, and carries metrics to assist trading decisions such as PCR, Max Pain, IV Rank and Percentile. Please do check it out and tell us what you think. This has the following Nifty Option Chain Bank Nifty Option Chain NSE Stocks … Continue reading The New and Improved Options Chain

Why is there a Volatility Skew?

Volatility Skew is the difference in Implied Volatility between OTM Call Options and OTM put Options which are equidistant from the ATM Options. In other words, it tells you how Implied Volatility varies across the strikes in an Option Chain. This time we figure out the reasons for Volatility Skew in Options Chain. Do let … Continue reading Why is there a Volatility Skew?