MIDCPNIFTY on Sensibull

We are excited to announce the addition of the MIDCPNIFTY index to our platform! The MIDCPNIFTY Index tracks the performance of mid-cap stocks listed on Indian exchanges. It provides traders with a unique opportunity to participate in the mid-cap segment, which often exhibits distinct market dynamics and growth potential compared to large-cap stocks. With the … Continue reading MIDCPNIFTY on Sensibull

Branding & Logo Changes

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we start a new chapter of our brand’s evolution. We are thrilled to officially unveil Sensibull’s new branding and logo. At Sensibull, we believe in constant innovation and growth, and our new logo represents the next step in our quest to provide you with the most … Continue reading Branding & Logo Changes

Strategy Builder Feature Update: See Delta, IV & more on Leg Picker

We have brought multiple updates on one of our most used features, the Strategy Builder. As always, these updates will help you make better & faster trading decisions. Going forward, you can: 1. See Delta & IV on LTP tab: You can see Delta & IV right on the LTP tab of the trade selector, … Continue reading Strategy Builder Feature Update: See Delta, IV & more on Leg Picker

Analyse on #VerifiedBySensibull

What if I said you can analyse the trades of your favourite traders and take them if you want? Doesn’t sound real, right? Well, with the new update on #VerifiedBySensibull, you can do just that! You can now analyse the trades of any trader you like on Strategy Builder from their #VerifiedBySensibull P&L If you … Continue reading Analyse on #VerifiedBySensibull

Sensibull Feature Updates – MayπŸš€πŸš€

Helping our users take the right trading decisions through Sensibull has always been our Goal.🎯 Anything and everything we do here is always a step in this direction.πŸ“ˆ We launched a number of updates in the last month of May. Here are all the updates we made: 1. #VerifiedBySensibull Hall of Fame of great traders: … Continue reading Sensibull Feature Updates – MayπŸš€πŸš€

Analyse Live Positions on Option Chain

LIVE Position Tracker on the Sensibull Option Chain just got even better! Earlier, you could view your Live Positions directly on the Option Chain. You could view all the positions you had in a particular stock on the selected expiry. Now, we have upgraded this feature. Pro users can now use their open positions along … Continue reading Analyse Live Positions on Option Chain

Follow Profitable Traders on #VerifiedBySensibull

We had started #VerifiedBySensibull to remove fake P&L screenshots and fake profitable traders from the market. A lot of people lost their hard-earned money by copying the trades of these scamsters. With this initiative, we also wanted to bring to light the real profitable traders who deserve to be known. Taking a step in that … Continue reading Follow Profitable Traders on #VerifiedBySensibull

Feature Update: Sensibull Option Chain

We are back with the next round of updates in the Sensibull Option Chain. With improved user experience and more added features, the Sensibull Option Chain is the most feature-rich Option Chain in the country! Please note that these updates are available on the Desktop version as of now. It will be available on the … Continue reading Feature Update: Sensibull Option Chain