The best Option Trading Tutorials

Hello, a lot of our users asked us for the best resources on Option Trading. Here are our top picks Khan Academy Option Trading Tutorials And this Trade Options like a Pro By Sensibull in Hindi and English English Playlist Hindi Playlist Options Playbook Varsity by Zerodha Option Alpha And if you are truly Gangsta, go … Continue reading The best Option Trading Tutorials

Announcing, Option Trade Analyser

Sensibull is a few days away from the launch. We do not want to keep you waiting for the launch, so we thought we will give you a small part of Sensibull which is useful to you. A super-simplified, user-friendly, no-nonsense Option Trade Analyser. This helps you compare Buy Call Option, Sell Put Option, Buy … Continue reading Announcing, Option Trade Analyser

7 Sins of Options Trading — Part 3

6. Trading Illiquid Options Some Options are Illiquid. That is, the bid and offer don’t exist, or they are wide apart. Examples are Deep In the Money Options Next month, or next to next month Options Options of smaller stocks. How does this affect you? Let us take one example: The bid-offer on Castrol December 410 … Continue reading 7 Sins of Options Trading — Part 3