Live Class: Theta — Sunday 4 PM Dec 2nd

Webinar on Options Trading with Option Theta or Time value decay of Options This tutorial on Options Trading Strategies talks about Option Theta or time value decay of Options. It compares the theta of various option trading strategies such as Call Option, Put Option, Bull Call Spread, Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread, Bear Put Spread, … Continue reading Live Class: Theta — Sunday 4 PM Dec 2nd

New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

New Webinar: For those who like to collect some theta over the weekend, here is @balajeerc showing you how to do Theta decay trades on Bank Nifty with Sensibull If you would want to know what is this weekend effect thing anyway, read our previous post below This is a webinar on Options Trading Basics. … Continue reading New Webinar — Weekend Selling Options

FNO Stocks Results Calendar

Stocks Results Calendar by Sensibull Here is the first open-to-all no-login required feature we built. Please let us know if you have any feedback, feature requests, or suggestions for improvement. In this you can see the results dates of FNO Stocks listed on NSE and BSE. You can also see the global and Indian macro … Continue reading FNO Stocks Results Calendar

Be a better trader. Part 4. There is always the next trade

This is the continuation of the series “How to be a better trader?”. Click here to start from Part 1 Let that sink in. Take a deep breath. And read that again. There is always the next trade. Trading is a process. Even if you take only one trade a day, every trade you take … Continue reading Be a better trader. Part 4. There is always the next trade

Announcing, Option Trade Analyser

Sensibull is a few days away from the launch. We do not want to keep you waiting for the launch, so we thought we will give you a small part of Sensibull which is useful to you. A super-simplified, user-friendly, no-nonsense Option Trade Analyser. This helps you compare Buy Call Option, Sell Put Option, Buy … Continue reading Announcing, Option Trade Analyser