Verified Profit and Loss by Sensibull

Fake Profit screenshots are the biggest scam in India’s trading scene. Scammers post fake screenshots and lure retail investors through Social Media to join their stock market training classes, paid groups, etc. These people may be bad traders who do not make money from trading. And many make money from training and pretend it was … Continue reading Verified Profit and Loss by Sensibull

Coming soon in Sensibull – Strangle Straddle Charts, Live Options Data Charts, FINNIFTY, and more

Hello, We are super happy to announce that we are launching the following in December We are super excited and working hard to release this at the earliest. Please help us with your suggestions and feedback by writing to us at

Create & Analyse trades directly from Option Chain

Creating & Analysing your trades just got a lot easier! Now you can Create, Analyse, and Trade directly from the Option Chain with the new Analyse window. You can use this Analyse window to do a lot of things that you usually do on the Strategy Builder right from the comfort of the Option Chain. … Continue reading Create & Analyse trades directly from Option Chain

Learn and Practice Options Trading without real money

Nowadays, everyone is jumping into options trading. But trading is not easy. And it can get risky without understanding how it all works. You do not want to dive into this without proper understanding and lose your hard-earned money. That is why we have Virtual Trade – to learn and practice options trading without real … Continue reading Learn and Practice Options Trading without real money

Trade Better with Sensibull Positions Page

As an Options trader, it is important to safeguard your positions against various market events and price fluctuations. Sensibull’s position page helps you do this and trade better through its various features: So what are you waiting for? Analyze your positions now! Follow us on our social media handles for more such info!

New Columns in FREE Realtime Option Chain

Sensibull’s Option Chain just got more powerful than ever! We added some very useful features our users have been asking for. Put Call Ratio: PCR is shown for each strike individually. This helps understand whether the market sentiment of a strike is bullish or bearish. Time Value: The value the option will lose leading up to expiry. … Continue reading New Columns in FREE Realtime Option Chain

The Ten Commandments of Trading

I – You shall preserve your capital. II – You shall stick to your stop-losses III – You shall not take bigger bets than you can afford to lose. IV – You shall not trade too many positions at the same time. V – You shall not try to get rich quickly. VI – You … Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Trading

Minor Update on Sensibull Strategy Builder

Going forward, you will be able to see the percentage return shown alongside the absolute return of a given strategy. We added this so that users need not manually calculate it. This return is calculated based on the Margin needed to take a particular trade. It is computed as: =(Max Profit ÷ Margin needed) * … Continue reading Minor Update on Sensibull Strategy Builder

Introducing Intraday OI Charts

Say today is an important event – RBI policy, GDP data, or the budget. You are wondering: how did the option sellers react after the event at 11:15?

How did the OI change? Where is the market going to go now?

We have the answer – the new Intraday OI chart of Sensibull lets you see the options activity for any time interval you choose. Now you can see what exactly all the big guys are doing at any point in time.