Live Trading — Selling Options like a Casino

In this video, we will approach Options Trading like a card counter approaches a BlackJack Table in a casino. This lesson is on: Having Multiple reasons to enter a trade Which instrument to pick for your trade Having multiple ways to win a trade

Live Class: Theta — Sunday 4 PM Dec 2nd

Webinar on Options Trading with Option Theta or Time value decay of Options This tutorial on Options Trading Strategies talks about Option Theta or time value decay of Options. It compares the theta of various option trading strategies such as Call Option, Put Option, Bull Call Spread, Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread, Bear Put Spread, … Continue reading Live Class: Theta — Sunday 4 PM Dec 2nd

Our Live Class on Options Strategies Hello all, So we did a class which is completely for beginners and intermediate traders about how to trade using Options Strategies. This tutorial talks about Options Trading, Options Trading Strategies, Options Trading Basics, Call Options, Put Options, Call Spread, Put Spread, Futures and Options Trading, Option Buying versus Option Selling, Option Greeks, Implied … Continue reading Our Live Class on Options Strategies

Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

In this, we examine how to articulate a view correctly, and how to choose the right Option Strategy for any given view. We also get inside the mind of an Options Trader and examine what he thinks when he picks a strategy — max loss, max profit, breakeven, reward risk, the probability of profit, etc This Webinar … Continue reading Our Most Useful Webinar Yet

How to (NOT) Trade Options in market crashes

Shaktimaan says “Think before you trade Options” NIFTY opened like a 300 point gap down two weeks back. Here is how you could have made (or lost) 15k with just 50 k capital in 10 minutes! Here is Balajee Ramachandran, our front end engineer and an Options Trading enthusiast, with his real life Options Trading Experience … Continue reading How to (NOT) Trade Options in market crashes