Strategy Builder on Mobile

One of the most important features for a pro trader in the platform is the strategy builder. We are happy to announce that now you can trade options through the builder on your Mobile Phone

Do take it for a Spin!

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1 thought on “Strategy Builder on Mobile

  1. naveen

    Hi. Great comment. I don’t have all the answers. My thoughts are as follows:
    1) If Feb or Dec 2018 caused massive losses then… you traded too big and too aggressively.
    Many people (not me) actually made money in those months.
    2) I don’t think there’s any other way to trade than to pick your spots and be patient.
    You’re also reducing risk by being patient.
    I trade much less frequently than I used to, yet my results are the same (and I have less stress).
    If you’d like to discuss, you’re welcome to book a call
    or take the alerts at

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