Order Modification & Cancellation

You can finally modify and cancel your open market/limit orders placed through Sensibull! This feature is available only for Zerodha users, but don’t worry. We will soon introduce it across all brokers. You can access this feature from your regular Orders page. To access your Orders page, you click on your Profile Icon on the … Continue reading Order Modification & Cancellation

Live Options Charts & Multi Straddle-Strangle Charts

Have you always wanted a place to track all your intraday-related data in one place? Don’t worry! Sensibull Live Options Charts does just that. We understand how crucial it is for traders to see all important data points like Intraday PCR, Intraday OI change, Max Pain etc., in one place to make informed decisions quickly. … Continue reading Live Options Charts & Multi Straddle-Strangle Charts

Analyse Widget on the Positions page

Time is extremely crucial when it comes to taking trading decisions. You need to look at multiple data points and make a well-thought-out decision in a short period of time. To help you do the same, we have added the Analyse widget on the Positions page. This Analyse widget is a mini version of the … Continue reading Analyse Widget on the Positions page

Introducing FINNIFTY Contracts

FINNIFTY has been one of the most requested features, and we are excited to announce that we have added support for FINNFITY contracts inside Sensibull. The FINNIFTY Contracts were introduced by the exchange early last year to track the performance of the Indian Financial market, which includes banks, financial institutions, housing finance, insurance companies and … Continue reading Introducing FINNIFTY Contracts

Minor Update in Option Chain

Going forward, you will be able to see per strike IV Change in the Sensibull Option Chain. Please note that the change in IV is shown in absolute values and not in percentage terms. You need to enable the IV Change column from the settings for a first-time user. The steps for it are given … Continue reading Minor Update in Option Chain

Verified P&L by Sensibull

In today’s trading scene, everyone claims to be an expert in the market. These so-called experts scam innocent people by showing fake profits. After seeing this, they join their expensive webinars only to end up losing their trading capital by following their advice and the fees they have paid. To stop this scam, we have … Continue reading Verified P&L by Sensibull

14 New Ready-Made Strategies on Strategy Builder

We are happy to announce that we have launched 14 new ready-made strategies on Strategy Builder! These strategies are based on multiple user requests we have received from all of you. The newly launched strategies are: Let us look at each of these strategies in detail: BULLISH 1. Long Calendar with calls: 2. Bull Condor: … Continue reading 14 New Ready-Made Strategies on Strategy Builder

Create & Analyse trades directly from Option Chain

Creating & Analysing your trades just got a lot easier! Now you can Create, Analyse, and Trade directly from the Option Chain with the new Analyse window. You can use this Analyse window to do a lot of things that you usually do on the Strategy Builder right from the comfort of the Option Chain. … Continue reading Create & Analyse trades directly from Option Chain

Trade Better with Sensibull Positions Page

As an Options trader, it is important to safeguard your positions against various market events and price fluctuations. Sensibull’s position page helps you do this and trade better through its various features: So what are you waiting for? Analyze your positions now! Follow us on our social media handles for more such info!

New Columns in FREE Realtime Option Chain

Sensibull’s Option Chain just got more powerful than ever! We added some very useful features our users have been asking for. Put Call Ratio: PCR is shown for each strike individually. This helps understand whether the market sentiment of a strike is bullish or bearish. Time Value: The value the option will lose leading up to expiry. … Continue reading New Columns in FREE Realtime Option Chain