Minor Update on Sensibull Strategy Builder

Going forward, you will be able to see the percentage return shown alongside the absolute return of a given strategy. We added this so that users need not manually calculate it.

This return is calculated based on the Margin needed to take a particular trade. It is computed as:

=(Max Profit ÷ Margin needed) * 100

= (3090 ÷ 18817) * 100

=0.164 * 100



=(Max Loss ÷ Margin needed) * 100

= (1910 ÷ 18817) * 100

=0.1015 * 100


So, in this particular scenario, traders can expect to gain a maximum profit amounting to 16% of their capital or face a maximum loss amounting to 10% of their capital.

Apart from this, we have added the projected return as a percentage on the payoff chart.

Let us know if this feature was helpful, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, comment below! We are always eager to listen to our customers!

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