Introducing Intraday OI Charts

Say today is an important event – RBI policy, GDP data, or the budget. You are wondering: how did the option sellers react after the event at 11:15?

How did the OI change? Where is the market going to go now?

We have the answer – the new Intraday OI chart of Sensibull lets you see the options activity for any time interval you choose. Now you can see what exactly all the big guys are doing at any point in time.

You can access the Intraday OI Chart in our Open Interest feature. 

And here’s the best part: we’ve made our Open Interest feature free for the next week for you to evaluate this cool new addition!

The chart looks like this:-

The chart allows you to see the change in Open Interest across time stamps at 3-minute intervals.

Let’s say you wish to see the Option Interest from 12.21 PM to 12.24 PM, then you can see it by following the below steps:

  • Select the start time from the time interval. You can see it in the highlighted portion.
  • Select the end time from the time interval. You can see it in the highlighted portion
  • Now you can see the change in Open Interest for the time period 12.21 PM to 12.24 PM. 

But that’s not all.

Open interest data from the end-of-day Bhavcopy file is now tagged separately, as a ‘7:30 pm’ tick. This lets you gauge OI volume from institutional traders which only shows up in the EOD Bhavcopy data and not at market close. It will look something like this.

Please note that this 7.30 PM tick is an indicative time to include the OI change data from the EOD F&O Bhavcopy file from NSE. You will see this data only after the Bhavcopy file for that trading day is uploaded. If you are not seeing the timestamp, that means the file hasn’t been uploaded yet.

So head over to our Intraday OI Charts feature and check it out! It is free to use for a week!

37 thoughts on “Introducing Intraday OI Charts

  1. Mayur

    That’s very helpful to take position

  2. Santosh Gohil

    I am a beginner still studying market and I am interested.

    1. Anoop S

      Hey Santosh! Feel free to check our free educational tool on Options Trading. Here you will find everything needed to know about Option Trading. You can find the link here:

  3. nitinshrivastava006

    How is it different from one we’re using right now? And subscribed users of Sensibull do not have to pay anything additionaly for this, right? Well it was open for unsubscibed users also earlier.

    1. Anoop S

      We did not have the feature to view the Open Interest between Intraday timeframes, we have introduced this feature now due to popular demand.

  4. savithasurendran

    I send a mail and asked for dark mode in our settings u won’t do it till now.

    1. Anoop S

      We currently have the dark mode enabled for our Strategy Builder and Option Chain

  5. Arnav

    Hi, will pro members have access to this chart after the free week?

    1. Anoop S

      Hey Arnav! Yes, Pro members will have access to the charts after the free week.

  6. Channakeshava


  7. Jijo


  8. Pawan

    Very good

  9. Milind Ghule

    I’ve subscribed for Sensibull Pro plan – will these Intraday OI Charts be made available included throughout the subscription period?

    1. Anoop S - Team Sensibull

      Hey Milind! Yes it will be available throughout the subscription period.

  10. Shashank Jadhav

    This is really great and helpful feature.
    Suggestion- accessibility can be made easy to move from one time to another by adding drag button or something just like strategy builder has to mark different nifty levels to see strategy outcome.

    1. Anoop S - Team Sensibull

      Hey Shashank! thanks a lot for your feedback. I have passed it on to the concerned team for further discussion.

  11. Mayank Mishra

    Very amazing stargegy

  12. Rupesh medhe

    Very good

  13. Santosh

    Very good

  14. Malini


  15. Ankur Zaveri

    Excellent feature. Please keep introducing such new features.

  16. Dharmik Pansuriya


  17. Rehan

    Great effort for retailers, appreciated

  18. P


  19. P


  20. This is an excellent feature! Thanks for adding.

  21. Ashutosh Gupta


  22. Girish


  23. Satish karn

    Very good

  24. Deepak Kumar

    Pretty impressive πŸ˜πŸ™

  25. BABU


  26. Ankit Dixit


  27. Gurdg


  28. Aravind

    Its very useful feature to track OI changes for particular time interval on Intraday.
    And also i think its even more useful if this option is available for any particular date in past.
    Today is Aug 4, I can able to choose any time interval during live market to take a trade.
    What about Aug 3? Imagine i am missed trading day Aug 3 due to some reasons. Next day when i see Aug 3 Nifty chart of 5 mins timeframe, the first half session is Downtrend and second half session is Uptrend. In OI chart i will select Interday OI and Aug 3 date, it will show consolidated OI data of 9.15AM to 3.30PM.
    But there is no this time interval feature on Aug 3 to see how the OI changes from 1st half to second half.
    If this time interval feature is available for any date in past, we will use this feature for study purpose on historical charts to understand the price movement. As a result it will improve our intraday trades in future.
    Kindly do the needful asap.

    1. Anoop S - Team Sensibull

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are working on bringing Historical OI Charts in the near future.

      1. Aravind

        Hi Team,
        Hope you are working on Historical OI Charts.

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