Trade Better with Sensibull Positions Page

As an Options trader, it is important to safeguard your positions against various market events and price fluctuations.

Sensibull’s position page helps you do this and trade better through its various features:

  • Group all your positions: All your Options positions are automatically grouped by stock/Index. You can also group them into various strategies with custom names. You can see the P&L for these strategies and exit all legs together or individually.
  • Analyze using Strategy Builder: You can analyze your positions using the Sensibull Strategy Builder. You can also make adjustments to these trades and see the impact on your P&L using the Builder.
  • WhatsApp Alerts: You can set WhatsApp alerts to trigger based on the Net P&L and the strike/spot price.
  • Advanced Warnings: You are notified of Margin Shortfall, excessive Option Price decay during long weekends, upcoming Delivery in Stock Options and more through our Advanced Warnings.
  • Easy Filters and Sorts: You can filter your trades based on expiry dates. Or sort by instrument names if you would like to arrange instruments by strike.
  • Customizable: Finally, we have some Advanced settings to customize the page as you might like: turn on dark theme, show/hide closed positions or only see the data that you want.

So what are you waiting for? Analyze your positions now!

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