The Ten Commandments of Trading

The Ten Commandments of trading You shall preserve your capital You shall stick to your stop-losses You shall not take bigger bets than you can afford to lose You shall not trade too many positions at the same time You shall not try to get rich quickly You shall never gamble on events You shall never … Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Trading

New Features in Sensibull

Hello there, it has been a long time since we announced some of our cool Options Trading features here. We hope you have some fun trading, and more importantly, make some money. So here goes: – Virtual trading without real money– Risk Warnings on Trading Positions– Easy Options for beginners– Dollar-Rupee Options Trading– Free Options … Continue reading New Features in Sensibull

New Feature — Virtual Trading Of Futures and Options

One of the most anticipated features of all time by Sensibull was Paper Trading. That is trading with virtual money instead of real money. And today, we are glad to announce the fully loaded paper trading feature. You can now add any trade you have to a virtual portfolio and track how you are doing, … Continue reading New Feature — Virtual Trading Of Futures and Options

Sensibull Without a Broker Login

Hello, When we launched Sensibull, we wanted it to be for all. We realized as long as we are with a broker, we cannot do that. So we decided, let us not have a broker‘s ’login, let’s have a Google login instead. And that has landed us in Sensibull for all. So what does Sensibull … Continue reading Sensibull Without a Broker Login

Trade NIFTY Weekly Options

Nifty Versus Bank Nifty Nifty Weekly options are now live on Sensibull. You can now access the NSE Nifty Weekly Option Chain, construct trading strategies of weekly Nifty Options, watch your positions, and much more! If you need a kick starter video on it, here you are: Kick the tires, and light the fires. Shall we?