Feature Update: OI Profile on Sensibull Charts

With the new update on TradingView charts by Sensibull, you can track Open Interest activity along with the chart easily. You can do this with our new OI Profile indicator.

OI Profile Indicator on Sensibull TradingView Charts

To access this, you have to select “TradingView by Sensibull (Beta)” in the chart settings on profile page.

When you select the “OI profile” checkbox, you’ll see an Open Interest (OI) graph displayed on the right side of the screen, along the Y-axis. This graph represents the total Open Interest for the underlying. It’s essentially the same as the second graph available in the Open Interest Graphs feature.

On hovering over the bars, we show the strike and the Call & Put OI numbers for that strike.

We also have an ‘OI Profile Settings’ button next to the checkbox where you can choose the expiry to be shown. On checking multiple expiry checkboxes, the cumulative Open Interest for those expiries are shown.

For NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, FINNIFTY and MIDCPNIFTY, we have 2 weekly and 2 monthly expiries. For all stocks, we have 2 monthly expiries.

You can get this indicator only on the underlying and Futures charts. It will be disabled for individual options’ charts.

You can use this for FREE!

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