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“Finance is actually very simple, but it’s made to look complicated to justify fees” – Morgan Housel, Author, The Psychology of Money

This is certainly true for trading. Generally, people try to complicate trading and sell expensive courses online claiming to make you a profitable trader.

So, most of these courses are designed to make them profitable, and not you 🙂

To address this, we launched our free education page completely made by traders, for traders.

As shown above, This platform contains high-quality video tutorials on trading accessible to all for free. You can watch them in both English & हिंदी

We are certain whether you are a beginner to Options Trading or an advanced trader, our new education initiative has something to offer you.

To start off with, we have the following structured tutorials on the education page:

  • How to Trade Options: If you are a beginner in Options Trading, then this is where you start. Here you can learn everything from the basics of Options contracts to advanced topics like the impact of Greeks on the price of an Option. Start Learning.
  • Learn Options Strategies: You can learn simple options strategies like buying calls and puts, Options straddles, and Options spreads. Start Learning.
  • Practical Options Trading: You can learn to take better trading decisions and enhance your trading skills by watching this playlist. Start Learning.
  • Be a better trader: The most important aspect of trading is trading psychology. This playlist covers that. Start Learning.
  • How to use Sensibull tools: You can learn how to use Sensibull tools like Options Strategy Builder, Option Chain, Open Interest, FII DII Data, Live Options Charts & more to take better trades in the market. Start Learning.
  • Workshops by Abid & Sagar: You can watch all the workshops conducted by Abid & Sagar on various topics like trading psychology, pledging, government bonds, and options strategies. Start Learning.
  • List of recommended videos: A collection of must-watch tutorials on Options strategies, trading psychology, & trading hacks. You can not only learn strategies like Iron Condors but also learn ways to trade with less margin. Start Learning.
  • Shorts: Lastly, we have 30-second videos on topics like trading psychology, price action, & option strategies. Start Learning.

Each tutorial is well thought out and detailed by professional traders like Abid & Sagar. So before you pay for an expensive course, go ahead and explore Sensibull’s Education page.

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    Great… Good job by Sensibull…. This will heplp small investors and traders like all of us… Thank you so much ..

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    Thank you

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