Sensibull is free for all Zerodha users

This is the biggest and the most exciting news since we started Sensibull in 2017. 
Starting today, Sensibull will be 100% free for all Zerodha users, forever.

Why are we doing this?

Sensibull was started with the vision of making retail investors profitable. But there are thousands of smaller traders who cannot afford to pay for Sensibull. They are also the ones who need help the most. If we keep Sensibull out of reach for people without the means to pay, we will never do justice to our vision of making small investors profitable. This is not what we wanted back in 2017 when we started.
We wanted everyone to get access to a better way to trade options. We wanted everyone to get Sensibull.

Is this free forever?


Are there any other charges at all?

No, there are no charges at all for using Sensibull for Zerodha users. For trading, you have to pay the normal charges that you pay Zerodha – Rs.20 per order – whether you trade from Kite, or directly from Sensibull. Long story short, no extra charges for using Sensibull.

How are we able to do this?

Zerodha is paying for Sensibull from their pocket. And you are not getting charged anything for this. So you get access to the country’s best options trading platform for free, Zerodha gives their options traders the best user experience, and we get paid too as a business. Everyone wins!
Many thanks to Zerodha here, for spending money on the right thing – making their users trade better. They not just believed in our vision of helping retail traders, but pushed us towards this vision, and picked up a sizeable bill in the interest of their users. That is real “walk-the-talk”. To quote something that Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath told me during one of our discussions, “The way I think is, there is no point of all this success if we didn’t end up creating a product that helps our customers do better with their money when trading the markets. “

Why is it good for the user?

Very simple. Sensibull does not have to think of making a yearly profit from subscriptions or selling more of our product. We only have one mission – Improve the lives of traders, try to make them profitable, and do what is truly good for our users.

What do we want in return?

I have a favor to ask from all of you. Two, in fact

One, Please give us relentless feedback and criticism

Just because we are free, it does not mean you do not have a right to complain. We would not have been here without your feedback and criticism. Most of Sensibull was built with customer feedback. Some of our best features were designed by our users. So please continue doing that, and help us make Sensibull better. Please complain, criticize, and give us your valuable feedback and suggestions on or our social media channels. 

Two, Please spread the word

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should use anything else now that Sensibull is free. Our tech infrastructure is the best of all options platforms in India. Our math is by far the most accurate. And most of the UI on other platforms is copy pasted from us anyway. The Original is always better🙂

So please tell your friends. Share and spread the word that Sensibull is now free.I hope this new Avatar of Sensibull brings a better tomorrow for thousands of traders in India. Onwards and upwards!

Hoping for your continued love and support

Abid CEO and Co-founder Sensibull

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  1. Shambhu Sah

    Better support for zerodha family

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    Sensibull is a Saviour. Awesome work team. Thanks for including sensex and midcp as well in the option chain.

  4. Chaitanya Pai

    Thank you Zerodha for making it free. Two favourites coming together.

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  10. Thanks for nisith kamat and aabid husen sir

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    Thank you so much sir to make it free for Zerodha user. it is really helpful for us..and sure we share it with our family & friends.

    thanks again.

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    It is like never before

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  15. Thank you ziroda

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    Very good partnership.Zerodha-Sensibull_Trader.

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    Better foe every user.

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    Thank you Zerodha and Sensibull. Really helps for small traders like me.

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    Great step by Sensibull to provide free service to people who can’t afford

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    This is very good news for all of us. Thank you Zerodha for this decision


    Nice 👌

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    It’s best for new users they will understand first how market works

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    Thanks zerodha

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    Thanks nitin kamath and zirodha team for sensibull

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    Extraordinary OI explanation sir

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