Take BSE SENSEX trades on Sensibull

We are delighted to announce that you can now take F&O trades in BSE SENSEX contracts through Sensibull!

Trade BSE Sensex Options through Sensibull
Trade BSE SENSEX Options through Sensibull

The BSE SENSEX, also known as the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index, consists of 30 of the largest and most actively traded companies in India. As the pulse of the Indian stock market, it serves as a key indicator of overall market performance.

You can now speculate on the future price movements of the SENSEX index and take trades for hedging, speculation, and risk management strategies.

You can access this tool through our:

1. Strategy Builder:

Create, analyse & take trades in the SENSEX index through our Strategy Builder.

2. Option Chain:

You can keep track of its Option activity using our Option Chain.

3. Positions page:

You can also track your positions in the index and analyse them using our Advanced Positions page.

4. Watchlist

Apart from this, you can also track this contract through our Watchlist.

Currently, the SENSEX Index is available to Zerodha users only. We plan on expanding its availability to other brokers in the near future.

Now, you can make strategies and take trades in the SENSEX Index through Sensibull.

So what are you waiting for?

We recently also launched the MIDCPNIFTY Index on Sensibull. You can read about it here

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  1. Sateesh

    Sensibull free am very happy ,but try to give some margin for strategy building, always strategy means it ask minimum 1 lack so we need as some margin.

  2. Manish

    Very useful

  3. Mk


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