Strategy Builder Feature Update: See Delta, IV & more on Leg Picker

We have brought multiple updates on one of our most used features, the Strategy Builder.

As always, these updates will help you make better & faster trading decisions.

Going forward, you can:

1. See Delta & IV on LTP tab:

You can see Delta & IV right on the LTP tab of the trade selector, as shown below.

2. Multiply by Lot Size:

Now you can multiply the LTP, Delta and other Greeks by the lot size of the underlying so that you can analyse your options data better.

For example, if the price of Nifty 18800 CE is 15 rupees, then when you enable the Multiply by Lot Size toggle, you can automatically see 750 displayed on your screen, which is the premium of the option (15*50=750).

You can also multiply all the Greek values by the lot size, as shown below.

3. See Live Positions on the Leg Picker:

You can now view your Live Positions directly on the Strategy Builder Leg Picker. You can view all the positions you have in a particular stock on the selected expiry.

So what are you waiting for?

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