Updates on Live Options Charts

We have added many updates to Live Options Charts. The latest updates are as follows:

Introducing custom strike selection: Now you can select custom strikes on PCR, Open Interest, OI Change & IV Charts.

You can select unlimited strikes on PCR, Open Interest, & OI Change charts. However, you can select only up to 6 strikes on IV Charts alone.

We have also added the option to view Historical PCR & Max Pain on their respective charts. Now you can switch between the “Automatic” mode and “Manual” mode to view the PCR & Max Pain.

If you select the “Automatic” mode, you will be able to see the historical PCR and Max Pain.

In automatic mode, we show the PCR of the nearest expiry of the stock or index for any given day. This is because most of the Open Interest on any given day happens in the nearest expiry.

And this is the case for Max Pain as well because Max Pain theory is used to predict where the expiry will be based on that expiry’s Open Interest.

You can switch between the two modes, as shown in the video below.

So what are you waiting for?

All the above changes are already published on the mobile app. You can read more about the changes here.

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