Enhanced Sensibull Option Chain

With improved user experience and more data points to help you make informed decisions, we present to you the new Enhanced Sensibull Option Chain, or should we call it Sensibull Option Chain 2.0 🙂

In this latest version of the Option Chain, you get the following upgrades:

1. New Settings window with Multiple Tabs:

We have introduced a new Settings window with multiple tabs which can be used to customize the view of the Option Chain.

These tabs can be renamed and can be easily switched between, and the columns in each of these views can be customized easily as per your requirements.

2. Improved Settings Window:

You can select the number of strikes you want to be visible above and below ATM. You can select as low as 10 strikes and a maximum of 40 strikes. You can also enable a dark theme on the Option Chain.

You get to view strikes in multiples of 100 in NIFTY alone. Apart from that, we have also increased the font size, and you can choose between three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

3. Improved User Experience:

You can easily select the Expiry right after you select the underlying. We have moved it next to the underlying from its previous position. We have also made it easier to scroll seamlessly horizontally and vertically. The ATM strike is highlighted in a light blue colour for easy identification.

4. Download Data Points:

Now we have made it easier to download all the data points on the Option Chain in an Excel Document. This feature is available for all Sensibull Pro users only. You can download the data points through the Global Settings window.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to try it out now!

1 thought on “Enhanced Sensibull Option Chain

  1. Jitendra Nath

    Gone through your new enhances feature in option chain. It is quite good and user friendly.
    With regard to design team I would call it icing on the cake only.
    I have been continuously following for customized chart for straddle and strangle with MVA, which is not yet considered.
    Please launch the facility which are shown in coming soon head by Mr Abid Hassan.
    I am eagerly waiting

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