New Feature Update: Order Slicing!

Placing orders above the freeze quantity is no longer an issue with Sensibull. With this new update, you can place orders above the freeze limit, and your orders will get automatically broken down into slices.

So let’s say a user wants to do a Bull-Call Spread with 200 lots

Then, the total quantity he will be trading with will be 200*50 = 10,000 on the Buy Side and 10,000 on the Sell Side.

That breaks down to 5 slices of 1800 quantity each, and 1 slice with the remaining 1000 quantity.

Similarly, if a user wants to do a Ratio Spread in Nifty, then he would be selling 50 lots and buying 100 lots. The ratio between the two legs is 1:2.

You can see below that the ratio of 1:2 is followed even when the order slicing happens.

Since BUY orders are executed first, followed by SELL orders, you can see that the BUY quantity is twice the quantity in the SELL order. This is the same across all Slices.

This is applicable to all strategies. The ratio between the legs is maintained even when the order slicing happens!

You can place a trade from any feature on the platform and get your Order Sliced. This feature is available across all brokers, and for all Index & Stock Options.

Even when you exit a trade, the order slicing happens automatically when the quantity is more than the freeze limit.

Since each leg is a separate order, the brokerage is charged separately. That is, if a single leg trade is split into 5 slices, then the brokerage will be applicable for 5 executed slices individually. Broking chargers are your broker’s regular fees. Sensibull does not charge anything extra for your orders.

Let us know what you think of the feature if you have used it! You can reach out to us at

4 thoughts on “New Feature Update: Order Slicing!

  1. Akhila

    Much awaited feature. Thanks to Sensibull. Awaiting for further such great features

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  3. Sushil Kumar


    1. Anoop Singh

      Please contact our Customer Support team for this

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