Sensibull — The Options Trading Platform is live

What can Sensibull do for you?

Sensibull is an options trading platform. Let’s start with Feature Number 1

We will you give you the best options strategies to trade your view.

Here is the link to the main feature

Let’s say you think NIFTY will be up 200 points in 7 days. And you are not sure which option strategy is the best. Open Sensibull, tell us your view, hit the go button, and voila! You have it. You also have the Profit, ROI, breakeven, max profit/loss, and more.

For now, we have single leg options on Nifty and Bank Nifty. We will add multi-leg strategies and single stocks soon. Please be patient. We are beginning and already on the verge of becoming sleepless 🙂

What else can we do?

Compare Options: You are confused between two or more trades. You can add them to compare and see the P&L at various scenarios. You can change spot, dates, IVs and pretty much everything to see the best option

Insights: We tell you about the rights and wrongs of a trade. To start with, we show the events that can affect your trade. We will add probabilities, technicals, FII activity, etc. soon. In short, we will make it very difficult for you to do a wrong trade.

How is it different from the other Option Strategy Engines?

One. We are not a strategy builder, we are an options trading platform. We do not just stop at making strategies and asking you to figure. We look at the trade you are taking holistically. This means we screen your view, warn you of events, show you the best strategies, give you insights on them, track them, and help you with the exit. We stay with you throughout the trade.

Two. We sometimes will actually ask you to not take a trade. For real:). More on that later.

Three: Most strategy engines make strategies for the expiry. We make a strategy for any day of your choice.

Four: Predicting IVs is a tricky business, and most engines are not equipped for this. Also, taking a call on IV is like predicting if the market will go up or down. A lot of people are paid to do that. I used to be 🙂

So we help you with that dirty work. For every view you have, we figure out the most likely IV for that stock movement.

There are many more. I’ll stop here

What are some of our coolest features?

Predictive STT

If an option is likely to expire in the money, we price the option with the likely STT. This takes you as close to the actual pay-off as we can.

Option Analyser

If you want to analyse a single option, look no further. Oh, and this helps you with the age-old question — Should I buy a call or sell a put?

Futures Conversion and Implied Weekly Futures

Less known fact. Usually, the underlying for options is futures and not the spot. So, to simplify your life, we do two things. One, on Nifty and Bank Nifty, just give us the spot, and we will convert this to the relevant futures on your target day. Bank Nifty Weekly Options do not have weekly futures contracts. So we derive the implied weekly futures, which gives greater accuracy.

Under the Hood

If you have any doubt that our math is not adding up (which we are pretty sure won’t happen), you can go under the hood check it.

Apart from this, we have many of the usual suspects. IV Chain, Greeks, Breakeven, tonnes of educational content including blogs and webinars, etc.

What next?

  1. Multi-leg Strategies
  2. Single Stock Options
  3. IV Rank and Percentile
  4. Analysis of existing positions as multi-leg strategies. pay-off diagrams
  5. FII DII activity, OI analysis, and more
  6. Mobile App

Here are the key links once again:

  1. Options Strategies
  2. Options Analyser & Black Scholes Calculator
  3. Option Chain

Please let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests. We will pick it up as soon as we can. You can reach us at

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