Sensibull Feature Updates – May๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Helping our users take the right trading decisions through Sensibull has always been our Goal.๐ŸŽฏ

Anything and everything we do here is always a step in this direction.๐Ÿ“ˆ

We launched a number of updates in the last month of May.

Here are all the updates we made:

1. #VerifiedBySensibull Hall of Fame of great traders:

We launched Indiaโ€™s First P&L verification tool last November, and a lot of traders shared their #VerifiedBySensibull P&L on Twitter.

6 months and 1000s of Verified P&Ls later, we are very happy to announce the #VerifiedBySensibull Hall of Fame.

But what is Hall of Fame?

Simply put, the Hall of Fame is a collection of Indiaโ€™s best traders completely #VerifiedBySensibull. So, you can be assured of its authenticity.

You can check it out here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

2. Place multiple orders in a strategy together at limit:

Going forward, you can place all your trading orders at Limit Price in one go.

For NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY trades, you can place all orders at Market Price or Limit Price.

Since market orders are not allowed for USDINR & single stocks, you can place all orders at Limit Price.

You can try it out here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

3. Enter your own Manual P&L in positions:

Third, we have added the functionality to enter Manual P&L. Now you can analyse trades and positions along with the added manual P&L.

You can check it out here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

4. See your live Positions on Option Chain:

We added a new feature to analyse your live positions along with the analyse widget.

This means that you can make trading decisions and analyze profitability on the go!

You can check it out here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

5. Toggles on Strategy Builder & Analyse Widgets:

We introduced individual toggles to multiply by lot size and the number of lots to give you full control over how you want to analyse your option data better.

Now you can see the value of the Greeks and the P&L either multiplied by the lot size of the chosen underlying, multiplied by the number of lots selected, or both.

You can check it out here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

That’s all the updates for the month of May. We will be launching a number of updates in the month of June, so we will be back again๐Ÿ˜ƒ

P.S. We are planning for a cool update on #VerifiedBySensibull, which will get you one step closer to seeing how top traders trade, so stay tuned๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Sensibull Feature Updates – May๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€


    Listen n watch various videos about you. Way you teach is quite clear.

  2. Magnum

    Hi team,

    The hall of fame looks good but option to show based on ROI and Great PNL is only on a day basis…There should be option to see who has the greatest PNL or ROI over a period! This is the right measure for showcasing consistency of a trader.

    This information is not even shown on the traders page where just history of individual dates are shown.

    On a side note, from a usability perspective, a feature has been requested multiple times over the years but not yet implemented., the option to save the sorting logic in option chain (sort based on strikes in descending order), or user’s preference of market order/limit order and ability to sort based on strikes in descending order in strategy builder page ( In option chain, while the option is sort is available but the layout cannot be saved in strategy builder page, the option to sort itself is not available.)

    1. Anoop Singh

      Thank you for the feedback. We will pass this to the concerned team.

  3. Tharakesh Guptha

    It would be awesome if you guys create an option for exiting the current positions for a set P&L target. The positions should automatically square when the target P&L is hit.

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