Feature Update: Sensibull Option Chain

We are back with the next round of updates in the Sensibull Option Chain. With improved user experience and more added features, the Sensibull Option Chain is the most feature-rich Option Chain in the country!

Please note that these updates are available on the Desktop version as of now. It will be available on the Mobile App shortly.

With the new updates, you get the following:

1. LIVE Positions tracker:

You can now view your Live Positions directly on the Option Chain. You can view all the positions you have in a particular stock on the selected expiry.

This feature is available only for Pro Users. This Position column will be visible whenever you have a live position. You can enable/disable the column from the Settings tab.

2. Show Trades by Qty/Lots:

You can now switch between viewing trades in Lots or in Quantity. You can do that from the Settings tab, as shown below.

3. Quick Trade:

This is a new feature we have introduced to enable the speedy execution of trades. When you click on the ‘Quick Trade’ button, a mini-order window opens, enabling you to execute single-leg orders with ease.

The order window will open with a 1 LOT BUY NRML LIMIT order by default. You can easily toggle between Buy and Sell. This feature is currently available only for Zerodha Users. We are working on making it available for other brokers as well!

So what are you waiting for? Click below to try it out now!

4 thoughts on “Feature Update: Sensibull Option Chain

  1. Raju


  2. Rajesh Dhanwate

    You all are doing GREAT job.
    Thank you.

  3. Kingsly.M

    Can you please show the existing position on strategy builder.

  4. Kripa


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