India VIX and 2 more long-awaited features are finally here

Another useful feature that several users wanted on Sensibull was the volatility index: India VIX. It helps measure the market’s anticipation for volatility and fluctuations in the near term. And we finally have it live on our platform. Currently, we show it on:

1) Info button – available on Strategy Builder, Option Chain, and Positions pages.

2) Option Chain

3) Open Interest

As of now, we have INDIAVIX only on Zerodha logins. We’ll introduce them on other broker logins shortly. Please let us know if we should show it somewhere else on the platform.

We also added 2 small features on Strategy Builder. Pretty sure, you’d have noticed this by now:- 1) the Lot Multiplier and 2) IV Offset. These again were added after many users asked for them.

Lot multiplier, as the name suggests, helps you increase or decrease the number of lots. You can use the +/- buttons or type in the number of lots to change the number of lots for each of the legs. You need not change the number of lots manually for each leg going ahead.

We introduced the IV Offset so that you don’t have to change the IV of each strike separately. IVs don’t have uniform changes for each of the strikes at the same time. For example, if the IV of NIFTY 17000 changes by 1 point, the IV of NIFTY 16900 need not change by exactly 1 point – it can be 0.8 or 1.1 as well. But, it gives a broad idea of how the projected P/L changes with change in IV. After all, who has been able to accurately predict the IV 🙂

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3 thoughts on “India VIX and 2 more long-awaited features are finally here

  1. Santosh Kumar Pandey

    There is need for back testing of option strategies, kindly introduce this feature as early as possible.

  2. Amit Kumar

    Back testing facility is much awaited

  3. Gangadhar

    Back testing simulator will help us to learn on the strategies

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