Introducing Far Expiry Options

Back when I was in the support team, I used to get a lot of mails and chats asking- ‘When will LEAPS or far expiry options come on Sensibull?’ It was one of the most, if not the most asked-for feature. We decided to do this sometime in September 2021, but some research around it showed that LEAPS start trading only after the budget comes out.

So, after a long wait, here we are- Sensibull now supports LEAPS or far expiry options. We have included the quarterly expiries for up to 12 months. So, at any given point in time, you will see the current month, the upcoming month and the next 3 quarterly expiries for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY.

You can access them in several places across our platform.

1. On Option Chain, it looks like this

2. On Strategy Builder

3. On Virtual Trade

Do give a like if you were waiting for far expiry options on Sensibull. Leave a comment if you have some feedback regarding this.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Far Expiry Options

  1. Chetan r vedpathak

    Thanks sensibull team for introducing far month expiry.
    Sensibull has definitely upgradation itself to cater the demand.

    One more suggestion to introduce the edit facility in quantity of a particular strike trades in group.
    So that we can use same strike for other group creation too with remaining quantity.

    1. Justin Jose

      Hi Chetan, thank you for your feedback. Adding the same position to multiple groups is tricky as there are some scenarios where the Groups feature might not work as expected.

      The workaround here would be to add the positions to Virtual Trade and then manage the quantities of a position in each strategy/ portfolio from there. We have the ‘Add to Virtual Trade’ button on the Positions page for this. Can you try doing this?

  2. Indravadan Ambalal Patel

    Very good App for knowledge of Stock Market and how to trade with its

  3. Thanks for introducing Far Expiry Options!

  4. Rajeev kumar

    This is very good app.

  5. Anantha

    Excellent app without much noisy information. However, I feel an option to open-up the chart from “option chain” and “Place Order” windows will definitely will add value. Currently chart option is available only in watch list. Please look into this feature if feasible.

  6. RP

    In strategy builder It shows only current week+2 weeks and then the monthly expiries. Can add an expiry that is 3 weeks away from now. Like today I am seeing only May 12, May 19 & May 26 expiry but not June 2nd. Is there a way to add that in strategy builder


  7. Justin Jose

    Hi, thank you for commenting here. We decided to keep only 3 weekly expiries on our platform as all weekly expiries other than the current expiry are usually NOT liquid. You can see a wide bid-offer gap even in the ATM options. But, we’ll take this as a feedback, will think through this. Thanks again!

  8. Saurabh

    Can you please add support to buy future from the option chain page itself. Futures complement options and ability to see the all three month futures prices and buy and sell would be great help. Currently there is on futures support from the analyze page.

  9. Ram

    when are we going to see commodity derivatives data in sensibull ?

    1. Anoop Singh

      Please contact our Customer Support team for this

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