New Year Resolutions for Traders

road-5799603_1920 Here are some hard-learned resolutions we made over the last decade in one high-intensity capsule

  • I will always wait for the right trade

  • I will not trade with the money I cannot afford to lose

  • I will not gamble. I will not do 50–50 trades. I will trade only high probability trades

  • I will sit out and not take a trade if market is not clear

  • I will not take unplanned impulsive trades

  • I will not go against the trend
  • I will not overtrade with too many positions

  • I will not buy OTM Options like lotteries

  • I will never gamble on events

  • I will never trade when I am emotionally unstable

  • I will trade less frequently and take breaks

  • I will always always keep stop losses

  • I will invest time in learning, planning, and analyzing

  • I will cultivate discipline, patience, and aggression

  • There is a life outside. I won’t get addicted to trading

If you enjoyed reading this, please check out the Trader’s Manifesto by Sensibull. It is a wealth of small nuggets of trading wisdom

We wish you the very best of things in 2021!

Team Sensibull

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  2. Quite Informative Article. Thanks for sharing

  3. Every year is a surprise to the traders. They can do trading very well. Trading is always trending. As a result, this trading is very praiseworthy. It helps the world economy.

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