New Year Resolutions for Traders

Here are some hard-learned resolutions we made over the last decade in one high-intensity capsulegetty_1167056909_406826

  • I will always wait for the right trade

  • I will not trade with the money I cannot afford to lose

  • I will not gamble. I will not do 50–50 trades. I will trade only high probability trades

  • I will sit out and not take a trade if market is not clear

  • I will not take unplanned impulsive trades

  • I will not overtrade with too many positions

  • I will not buy OTM Options like lotteries

  • I will never gamble on events

  • I will never trade when I am emotionally unstable

  • I will trade less frequently and take breaks

  • I will always always keep stop losses

  • I will invest time in learning, planning, and analyzing

  • I will cultivate discipline, patience, and aggression

  • There is a life outside. I won’t get addicted to trading

If you enjoyed reading this, please check out the Trader’s Manifesto by Sensibull. It is a wealth of small nuggets of trading wisdom

We wish you the very best of things in 2020!

Team Sensibull

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11 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions for Traders

  1. Vamsi

    πŸ™‚ Is experience only speaking or acting on it too?

  2. Naman Mehta

    Mujhe chaiyeh

  3. Chetry

    Valuable lines sir

  4. Hi, New Year Greetings for all of you. I am interested to know paid or free services you offer to traders, especially in options.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sulaiman Moolathil

  5. Jyoti Atul Khairnar

    Nice suggestion. Great


    Hey Abid, Siddharth and all those whose collective wisdom appears on the Manifesto
    Thanks for pointing me to the resolutions. Its a much need refresher to trading with discipline in 2020. You guys rock . All the very Best for the New Year

  7. Nadimpalli Swarna Latha

    Please teach me basics of options trading

  8. Manik Gaikwad

    I first time read this article. It’s very useful to all the traders. Thanks a lot.

  9. Sumit

    I will take printout of these golden rules .
    And put infront of my wall and strictly follow.
    I will Remembering these quotes always

  10. Manju R S

    Wonderful !!

    Thank you !

  11. P k Chakrabarty

    Golden Rules are fantastically ideal, but too strong to maintain it. A Long Practice is required.

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