1 thought on “Paper Trading Launched on Sensibull

  1. Manish Das

    Your thoughts are esteemed,uncompareable, and even emotions has much space.
    I would like to compare You《Abid Hussain 》with our Late President Dr.Abdul kalam.
    He gave us Missile and known as Missile man you gave us insider of derivatives and you are Derivative man.
    You are having a normal heart as we all have but it has vast space to store love of our country men and women.

    9 out 10 are losing money .May God you strength to help more ways to reduce the ratio.
    I believe you can do it.
    We love you Abid sir for the great gift extend to the traders.
    Also thank Kamath sir and request him to look into if algo trading can be done directly from Sensibul or kite. May it be chargeable.
    Manish Das

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