Payoff Table on Strategy Builder & Analyse Widgets

With the new update, you can view your strategy’s payoff in a tabular format. The Payoff Table shows you the strategy’s P&L on Target Day and Expiry Day.

To access it, you can simply go to the Strategy Builder, add a strategy, and switch from a graphical representation to a tabular form.

With the new Payoff table, you can:

1. See the Projected Profit or Loss at various levels:

You can see what your profit or loss will be at various target levels on the target date selected and on expiry.

2. Customise targets and target intervals:

Earlier, you could view the payoff only for a specific target level with the help of the target slider. With the new payoff table, you can do that and more!

You can use the target selector on the table to switch between various target levels. You can also enter your target manually.

You can change your target interval with the help of this drop-down button.

You can also use the target selector to switch between various target levels.

The Target Date slider can be used to change the target date and time.

3. See the P&Ls for various % moves from the current market price:

If you want to see how your P&L will look when Nifty goes up by 1%, all you need to do is enable the “Show %” toggle.

As you can see below, by enabling the toggle, you can see how your P&L will look like at various percentage levels from the current market price.

This feature has been implemented across the platform. This tool is accessible on Strategy Builder, Analyse widget on Option Chain, & Analyse widget on the Advanced Positions page.

Try this feature out, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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