Updates in Strategy Builder & Positions page

We are happy to inform you that we have added the functionality to enter Manual P&L on the Strategy Builder & Positions page!

Now you can analyse trades and positions along with the added manual P&L. You can also do the following things with it:

1. You can add manual P&L on the Strategy Builder to see its impact on the current trade. This P&L is also reflected on the Positions page upon execution.

2. You can analyse a trade with manual P&L using the Analyse widget on the Positions page. If you wish to analyse it further, you can open your position with the Strategy Builder.

3. If you wish to analyse the trade without the manual P&L, you can simply disable it, as shown below, and the changes will be reflected across the platform.

4. If you want to analyse a few legs from a grouped position with manual P&L, you can do that too!

You just need to create a new group from the existing group of trades and add a manual P&L for that newly formed group. So now you can simultaneously have manual P&L for the main group and for a separate sub-group you just made.

The feature is currently not available on the Sensibull mobile app and will be available soon.

Check it out now!

1 thought on “Updates in Strategy Builder & Positions page

  1. Hari

    Manual P&L seem to be a global setting. Can this be at Portfolio level or even strategy level. It mess up if it is global.

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