Sensibull is free for all Angel One users

Starting today, Sensibull will be 100% free for all Angel One users.

Why are we doing this?

Sensibull was started with the vision of making retail investors profitable. But there are thousands of smaller traders who cannot afford to pay for Sensibull. They are also the ones who need help the most. If we keep Sensibull out of reach for people without the means to pay, we will never do justice to our vision of making small investors profitable. This is not what we wanted back in 2017 when we started.
We wanted everyone to get access to a better way to trade options. We wanted everyone to get Sensibull.

Are there any other charges at all?

No, there are no charges at all for using Sensibull for Angel One users. For trading, you have to pay the normal charges that you pay Angel One – whether you trade from Angel One, or directly from Sensibull. Long story short, no extra charges for using Sensibull.

How are we able to do this?

Angel One is paying for Sensibull from their pocket. And you are not getting charged anything for this. So you get access to the country’s best options trading platform for free, Angel One gives their options traders the best user experience, and we get paid too as a business. Everyone wins!
Many thanks to Angel One here, for spending money on the right thing – making their users trade better. This is the hallmark of a broker that cares for its customers.

Why is it good for the user?

Very simple. Sensibull does not have to think of making a yearly profit from subscriptions or selling more of our product. We only have one mission – Improve the lives of traders, try to make them profitable, and do what is truly good for our users.

What do we want in return?

I have a favor to ask from all of you. Two, in fact

One, Please give us relentless feedback and criticism

Just because we are free, it does not mean you do not have a right to complain. We would not have been here without your feedback and criticism. Most of Sensibull was built with customer feedback. Some of our best features were designed by our users. So please continue doing that, and help us make Sensibull better. Please complain, criticize, and give us your valuable feedback and suggestions on or our social media channels. 

Two, Please spread the word

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should use anything else now that Sensibull is free. Our tech infrastructure is the best of all options platforms in India. Our math is by far the most accurate. And most of the UI on other platforms is copy pasted from us anyway. The Original is always betterπŸ™‚

So please tell your friends. Share and spread the word that Sensibull is now free. I hope this new Avatar of Sensibull brings a better tomorrow for thousands of traders in India. Onwards and upwards!

Hoping for your continued love and support

Abid CEO and Co-founder Sensibull

PS: I have an active subscription. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Please write an email to with your Client ID and Broker Name. We will give you a pro-rata refund for your remaining subscription within 14 working days. Please write to us from your registered email ID only. The registered email ID is the one shown in your Angel One account.

Please use email for refunds, and kindly do not ask for refunds on Chat Support or Social Media. This is because it is easier for us to verify your identity through registered email ID and refund correctly.

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    Thank you

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      Very nice
      A good think for devlop small traders
      Thank you team angle and sensibull

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    Thanks sensibull.
    I improve my skill and statergys in options trading just because of you.
    Your team is great they took nice efforts to teach everyone via youtube.

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      youtube video link please for study

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        English YouTube Channel:
        Hindi YouTube Channel:

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    A great move by sensibull team to make it free with some brokers

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  13. I am a new user but when I see it on my device I feel better because I think it makes easy for me to choose right option from options chains and another one reason i saw Big players are also use sensibull for take a right decision . so that’s why I want to choose this platform .firstly I want to try it it’s looks amazing it is provided good vibe

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    This has come as a great news. Its a win win situation for all but mot of all for Angelone customers. Angelone has improved a lot over the period and integration with free Sensibull is bonus for customers.


    Thank you sansibull your strategies and good service for trading platform profitable business

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